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Have you ever wondered how professional athletes continue to strive for goals in the midst of seemingly impossible challenges, and how your group can learn to do the same? Do you want to instill a Champion focus into your group? Could your team benefit from team-building from a professional athlete and team member?

Would you like to hear a God-story that sounds too incredible to be true…but really is!? 

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, then your search has ended!

Kimberly Carnevale is a former Olympic hopeful in the sport of equestrian show jumping, current award-winning speaker/author, brain injury survivor, Lyme disease warrior and “Champion-Overcomer.”   She is based in Southern Colorado, and is available to speak throughout the United States. Kimberly is an expert in utilizing adversity and intrinsic motivation in order to create success.

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Did you know that by putting down your goals in writing, it gives you the best chance at goal success? It’s true! Clarifying what you want to achieve helps guide your daily actions to goal attainment.

Not only that, but it’s scientific! Our brains are like complicated computers that we program with our thoughts. This is why its important to focus on GOOD thoughts and the things we want to have happen!

When we write things down, we build stronger neuropathways and bring together our logical and creative hemispheres of brain, which ignites your unconscious mind to find a way to fulfill goals. How cool is that!? Writing goals down is also a great way to track how far we’ve come.

In this beautiful, guided journal, former Olympic hopeful and current brain injury survivor, Lyme disease warrior, motivational speaker and champion overcomer, Kimberly Carnevale gives you the step-by-step map to champion-building success! Whether you are a student, a business entrepreneur, or someone who desires an entirely different way of life, this journal will help you identify and obtain your goals!

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"The Champion-Builder"

Who would benefit from hearing the Champion Builder?

Business & Corporate USA

Business & Corporate USA



From middle school to Universities

Faith-Based Events

Faith-Based Events

Why hire Kimberly? 


Achieve life-goals

Be inspired...

Self-development is all about learning new things and building new skill sets to increase chances of success.  

Kimberly skillfully teaches a growth mindset, which will allow your group to effectively set and achieve goals, while learning unique ways to overcome challenges utilizing her remarkable Champion-Building skills.

Many people get stumped achieving their goals because they get derailed by a variety of emotional and mental roadblocks. 

Kimberly perceptively averts these roadblocks and leaves the journey wide open for achievement; in personal, professional, and educational settings.

Utilizing personal experiences, professional athletic mental training, sports phycology and the neuroscience of change,  Kimberly is able to tap into her audiences’ needs and guide them through the stumbling blocks of goal setting to successful attainment and ultimate success. 

Kimberly’s amazing tragedy to triumph story will leave your group feeling absolutely inspired and primed with a whole new set of skills to make their own dreams come true!  

Audiences hang onto every word of this courageous woman’s story as it takes them on a journey of shattered Olympic dreams, to finding one’s inner strength, the heartache of what could have been, and fulfilling a new, bigger dream!

It is truly a tale that Hollywood could write, but is the true life story of Kimberly Carnevale, “The Champion-Builder.” This is not an experience to be missed!




Leadership Training

Faith-based programs

Kimberly’s speaking/educating journey began when she was first partnered with her first service dog–and was denied access time and time again.  

With a still-healing injured brain which caused her to stutter and slur her words, Kimberly bravely went back to the places that had denied her access and taught staff about what service dogs do (especially for those with hidden disabilities, such as her own), and taught business’ rights/responsibilities towards those partnered teams. 

As an influx of “fake service dogs” began to flood America, Kimberly was sought after to help businesses help identify fakes and what they can do to make their businesses, and patrons safe against these illegal impostors. 

Kimberly’s advocacy education for service dog teams and people with disabilities has been featured on newscasts throughout the Eastern seaboard, in International publications, and via her writings.  She been asked to appear and write pieces as an expert in the field and is widely known as a preeminent authority on service dog education in the country.


You don’t train, work with daily, and compete on 1200 lb horse partners that have a mind of their own without becoming very successful in leadership! 

Kimberly has masterfully encapsulated her leadership experience, working not only with her horse-partners, but also with the Olympic-calibur team she worked with daily, clientele, coaches and intern students. 

Successfully starting from the bottom rungs of stall-mucker to Olympic caliber contender, Kimberly soaked up every bit of knowledge that she could to become the best rider, team mate, and leader she could be.  

This unique background training provides groups with a unique perspective they won’t get anywhere else. They walk away with an “outside of the box” education that will give them a huge boost to their leadership role!

Faith-based programs are Kimberly’s favorite to deliver!  

There is no doubt upon hearing Kimberly’s testimony, that it is truly a story only God could have written. 

Kimberly’s testimony provides audiences with an intimate glimpse into God’s astounding love, grace and goodness; even amidst the most soul-crushing times in our lives. 

It is within Kimberly’s heart that she share the story of tragedy to triumph that God has given her to tell, in order to help others struggling with challenges in their own lives. 

Your church, conference, youth group, community event or school will be forever changed for the better after hearing this amazing program!


You can reach Kimberly :

By Phone : (719) 281-7374

On Social :

Where others see the impossible, Kimberly sees possibilities.

When others see tragedy, Kimberly envisions opportunities for triumph.

When others encounter road blocks, Kimberly sees new and exciting journeys waiting to be explored. 

Her perceptions are insightful,

Her strategies are proven,

Her stories are engaging–

Hearing her tell them is magical…

Experience the magical motivation of Kimberly Carnevale.

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