Imagine losing the ability to think. Imagine that you need to manually control your body each and every day, and some days the command center refuses to help out. This is what it is like living with brain injury. This is what everyday life is like for former Olympic hopeful, Kimberly Carnevale.

This is the story that God has given her to tell. This is her campaign–to help others through the lessons she’s learned. She wants everyone she meets and hears her words that it is only because of God that she was able to overcome her challenges, and He will show up in your life, too! We just have to remain calm in the storms of life, appreciate the “little” things, and have faith that God’s got this! 

Kimberly Carnevale has been saddled with many seemingly insurmountable challenges in her own life:

-Sustained a brain injury, and had to relearn to read, write walk and talk again in 1998. Because of her brain injury, she lost her career and beloved Olympic dream–and her earning power. 

-Became a single parent with disabilities after tragedy struck during pregnancy in 2002.

-Endured 4 1/2 years of homelessness with her little girl after a home invasion and brutal attack caused the loss of her entire family and home in 2006.

-Kimberly created a new career from the rubble of her old one by speaking about service dogs that help “invisible disabilities,” traumatic brain injury, and God’s amazing grace.  

The media published her story, and before she knew it, Kimberly was being booked nationwide as a faith-based and corporate motivational speaker. 

In 2012, Kimberly and her daughter (then 10 years-old) launched a nationwide speaking and brain injury awareness and grace tour. (The Butterfly Express).  Kimberly and her daughter hit the road (with brain injury riding shotgun, in their 27′ RV with their dogs and two parakeets. A few months into the tour, Kimberly was in a fight for her life after near-fatal pulmonary embolisms and a heart attack abruptly ended her nation-wide speaking and brain injury awareness and grace tour, Her sudden illness left she and her daughter stranded in an unfamiliar state (Colorado), put Kimberly on the speaking sidelines, and rendered them unable to return home for over a year while she rehabilitated.

Using the same tools and faith that had once propelled her to the top of her sport and then to recover from her accident, Carnevale clawed her way over her seemingly insurmountable challenges… and back to success.

Kimberly was sought out to speak and share her amazing story after her accident and subsequent group of challenges. Today, she especially loves to share her message with the youth of today in schools, church groups, and other youth organizations. She has also created several motivational education programs to schools, youth events, and community events to help promote brain injury awareness and education. She is determined to utilize her priceless life lessons to help others.

Kimberly is also an accomplished author, having penned four books, and countless articles and pieces for publications world-wide. She is a staunch advocate for traumatic brain injury prevention/awareness, and has a heart for youth. She plans to one day build a special youth ministry that God has laid on her heart, but says, “I’ve got every detail in my head, and written down. I’m just waiting on God’s timing to bring it to fruition!”


Today, Kimberly’s speaking topics surround a core message of overcoming adversity, leadership, embracing/utilizing change, and believing in the beauty of dreams.  She teaches audiences how she utilized the tools that once took her to the top of her sport, then as a recovering accident survivor, to overcoming homelessness, and creating a new future for herself and her daughter.  These tools transcend all areas of life, and Kimberly provides instantly-usable tools that audiences can apply immediately to become champions in their own lives! 

All of her programs are available in both secular and faith-based formats, but sharing God’s amazing story in faith-based presentations is her favorite thing to do! 









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