The Champion-Builder Motivation

Building Champions…In Business, Education, and Life!

Where others see the impossible, Kimberly sees possibilities.

When others see tragedy, Kimberly envisions opportunities for triumph.

When others encounter road blocks, Kimberly sees new and exciting journeys waiting to be explored. 

Her perceptions are insightful,

Her strategies are proven,

Her stories are engaging–

Hearing her tell them is magical…

Experience the magical motivation of Kimberly Carnevale, “The Champion-Builder.”

Propelling the success of her audiences is why Kimberly shares her testimony and the valuable life lessons she’s learned on her amazing journey.

Building Business Champions...

Kimberly is sought out to work with entrepreneurs as well as senior executives at leading institutions such as USAA, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, The Philadelphia Area Chapter of Meeting Professionals International, Girl Scouts of America, Boy Scouts of America, State of New Jersey, The Elizabeth M. Boggs Center, Project Freedom, The BI Global Picnic (for Brain Injury awareness), and more.

Disability Awareness/Sensitivity

Kimberly’s name is synonymous for lending insightful assistance to state/county leaders, decision-makers, corporations; to become aware of, and be sensitive to, the challenges and barriers which exist for people with hidden disabilities. She speaks about business rights/responsibilities in regard to service animals and more.  Being a person with multiple (and largely invisible) disabilities, Kimberly is able to speak both from a business and personal point of view, offering an inside look at what life is like living with life-altering disability challenges often faced in public places.

Corporate Motivation and Goal Attainment

Have you ever wondered how professional athletes continue to strive for goals in the midst of seemingly impossible challenges? Do you want to instill this focus into your group? Kimberly demystifies the struggles and challenges that face us all; and gives her audience members priceless insight and lots of practical ideas they can immediately put to work following her very special presentation.

Building Champions in Education...

Refusing to succumb to the hardship her disabilities and circumstances imposed upon her, Kimberly created and implemented her “Champion-Building” strategies in order to successfully re-integrate and succeed in a world that no longer accommodated her special, cognitive-impaired needs.

These are the same tools/strategies she shares with her audiences today in order to build Champions…in business, school, and life.  Her insightful observations and compelling “outside the box,” success strategies are perceptively demonstrated through her presentation featuring her amazing story; which has been featured on TV, film, magazines, and in Kimberly’s books.

When children are given the proper tools to make good decisions, set goals for themselves, learn how to utilize the challenges of life’s inevitable setbacks, and learn how to self-motivate; they are perfectly primed for success in their schoolwork…and in life. Today’s world barrages our youth with challenges never before seen in our society.  It is ever-increasingly more difficult to teach our kids to steer clear of pitfalls and overcome these challenges to be successful in life. Changing times require changing philosophies.  We need to “think outside the box” in order to come up with new, innovative ways to motivate our children and encourage them to stretch and grow in the face of the adversity that is an inevitable part of life. 

These programs help to foster intrinsic motivation and confidence through a unique presentation that is fun and fascinating to kids of all ages. Through Kimberly’s “Champion-Building” presentations, she perceptively demonstrates how to effectively handle many of the serious issues that face our youth today and pull them off course in life (bullying, drugs/alcohol, peer pressure, etc). I give them the tools needed to identify innate strengths, set and achieve short/long terms goals to veer away from “dream-stealers” in order to focus on the right things in order to make their dreams come true.



Kimberly feels led to share the amazing story she has been given to tell, and while she offers all of her programs/coaching in both secular and faith-based format, her nondenominational, faith-based speaking programs are her favorite ones to deliver.

There are SO many God-winks throughout her story; each and every one of them unique and inspiring.  We all need more hope and faith in this fallen world, and this story provides both in spades!

Kimberly’s life passion lies in sharing the amazing  tragedy to triumph story God has given her to tell,  and perceptively demonstrating the valuable life tools she developed to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges to become a champion in her own life. God turned her challenges into stepping stones and turned her tragedy into triumph. Kimberly has learned the secret to using adversity in order to create success, and she has an uncanny ability to build leaders, happiness, wealth, and deep, lasting satisfaction in life.