Youth Motivation Program Comments:

“Dear Kimberly,  Three or four years ago, you did two assemblies for us for our annual school Health Fair.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I am STILL getting requests to have you return, so I think that it’s time to bring you back!  Your program was one of the most memorable in the 10 years that I have been working on these Health Fairs.  I am SO looking forward to seeing you again!  If you ever need me for a reference, I’d be happy to give you a GREAT one.  –Bonnie Weller, RN  Eleanor Rush Intermediate School

“Dear Kim: Thank you so much for attending our Family Fun day at Outdoor World. The activity really enhanced what we as Girl Scouts try to teach the girls, to be a sister to every other Girl Scout and to help people at all times.  Hopefully, you will be able to present for GSSJP in the future” –Barbara McLaughlin GSSJP Program Specialist

 “Dear Kim:  I can’t tell you how rewarding your visit was for us!  Your presentations were excellent…  The feedback from faculty and children have been so positive.   Thank you so much for coming to see us and teaching us.  You are quite an inspiration.” Fondly, Carol Snook

From a fourth grader —“Dear Kim:  Your program was fascinating! (It) was my favorite!   I hope that you know that a lot of people loved your program.  I learned a lot.  I believe now that my dream of being a great swimmer might come true now after your presentation.  Thank you! –Your friend, Lauren” ———(last name withheld because of age).

From a fourth grader-  “Dear Kim:  I appreciated your program and learned that I shouldn’t let go of my dreams.  I can’t stop thinking about your interesting life.  I was fascinated to hear your story.  I think yours was the best program out of the whole Fair.  I hope you come next year!  —-Yours Truly, Charlotte”  —(last name withheld because of age).

 “Dear Kim, thank you so much for the wonderful presentation at Morgan School.  The students LOVED it!  We wish you a wonderful summer, and hope to have you again next year.  Sincerely, Audry Vernon–Counselor, Morgan School”

  From a youth group audience member: “Dear Kim, I’d love to thank you for coming to talk.  I also am an avid reader and prolific writer.  Someday, I hope to publish a book.  Thank you once more for inspiring me to work towards my dreams.”

 “Dear Kim, Thank you for coming to Woodedge.  I WILL follow my dreams!”

 “Thanks for coming, Kim.  I had fun, but I learned too!”

 “Thanks for everything!  You really inspired me.  My mom works with my friend who’s disabled…now I know how she feels.  Thanks again!”

 “I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did.  I enjoyed it immensely.  I won’t ever let go of my dreams!”

What others are saying about Kimberly and her programs:

“An absolute 10!!!  A true story told by the individual that experienced it.  (The program) was inspiring, amazing, and spiritually moving.  There’s no room for improvement!”    — (Anonymous audience member)


“Kimberly is a driven, passionate, compassionate, and highly skilled resource for many people with diverse needs. Her attention to detail and her ability to assess a person’s needs and assets is uncanny. Not only did I enjoy working with Kimberly, but I enjoy our continuing relationship. Kimberly is a well trained and reliable asset to any team or project. Also, she is a motivating and enthusiastic force with lots of value and energy to give..” August 3, 2011  —Michael J. Herman, Co-Owner, CEO,

The Motivational Minute

“Many people with a story/history like Kimberly’s don’t recover. They fall deeper and deeper into a life unbecoming. However, that is not the case with Kimberly. She has been handed so many challenges in her life and somehow manages to find the brightness. This attitude always moves her to the next phase of her incredible journey. Kimberly is an extraordinary speaker full of enthusiasm, passion and encouragement. I highly recommend her for any speaking event. I forgot to mention she also has a great sense of humor!” ~ Debbie Green owner, Dandelion Interiors

“Kimberly is driven by her innate passion to help others, to ‘pay-it-forward’ and to raise awareness about traumatic brain injury. She does this with great integrity and a deep awareness about life. I am proud to know Kimberly and am inspired greatly by her work and her speaking.” ~ Anne Rickets  Author, Brain injury Advocate, Founder BI Global Picnic/Education & Training at Brain Injury Awareness

“Kimberly is living a compelling personal story of faith, determination and overcoming. As a traumatic brain injury survivor, she is an articulate and inspirational speaker before large or small audiences. She is also a skilled animal trainer with a high level of compassion and empathy. I would recommend her to anyone desiring to uplift any audience.” ~ Tom Koentop Senior Consultant, Lee Hecht Harrison

“If you want Successful ways from a Real World Perspective, Kimberly should be included in your event. She has a great passion and her eyes brighten as she shares the secrets she has learned. Using adversity in order to create success helps others too, I have spent many hours with Kimberly & her Vice President of Everything Important, Sarah. I recommend you book her to work with your group immediately before her schedule is filled again. When you see how she works with people, ask her how she also empowers horses & dogs too. ~ Tom Hobbs, The Man In The HAT Lt. Governor of Education & Training, Toastmasters District 26

“Kimberly is one of the most passionate speakers I have had the pleasure to be around. She captivates your attention immediately and draws you in. You will be inspired by her stories and in awe of how resilient she has been when faced with adversity, I highly recommend Kimberly as a speaker for any group.” ~Sally Wurr President, SW Insurance Corp

“Kimberly has a heart-warming, inspiring and hope-full story to tell. You need to hear it. The group(S) you belong to need to hear it too. – Kim Ratz, Speaker-Trainer-Troubadour”


“Kimberly is “positive motivation personified.” A brief encounter, an extended meeting, or listening to her share her story — the experience causes a paradigm shift. Her story simultaneously inspires gratitude and confidence. She knows what courage is, and she quietly but persistently generates confidence in others. I recommend her for a conversation right now, and for a speaking engagement for any group before another change in seasons.”

Robert L. Harris, Ph.D., CNC, CFSP , President, Christian College of Georgia


“When you look up courage and inspiration in the dictionary you’re likely to find a photo of Kimberly and her beloved dogs. They give meaning to the quote, ” Life is a mystery to be lived and enjoyed not a problem to be solved and tolerated.”~Mike Moore speaker/author/humorist”


“Kimberly is a highly motivational, inspirational, engaging, and interesting speaker. I have seen Kimberly overcome challenges that would deter or defeat others. She has a positive, pleasant attitude, is always amiable, cooperative, and reliable. Kimberly is strong, self motivated and has continuously utilized her creativity to expand herself and her excellent work with service dogs and people. I most sincerely recommend Kimberly as a wonderful asset to any organization.”

 Jean Dally  Community Health Education Nurse Robert Wood University Hospital @ Hamilton


“Kimberly served as the keynote speaker at the closing ceremonies of our Vacation Bible School. I was so impressed with her knowledge, background, and presentation that I asked her to speak at my church while I was on vacation. The reports from the congregation were impressive. Kimberly combines canine professionalism with a compelling life story and an affable manner. Her message is inspirational because it flows directly from her life experiences, and when she speaks about faith, it is easy to see that she practices what she preaches.”  Pastor Richard Leland


“Kimberly is an excellent motivational speaker. … Everyone enjoyed her talk and was inspired by her.”  Wendy Wojtaszek


“Great job, as usual!  Thanks so much for coming!”  —Carol


“Dear Kim, Thanks for coming and sharing yourself with our group.  Everyone who heard you came away with something special–a thought a question, a prayer, a determination.  You touched each one of us.  We look forward to seeing you again.  God bless you and the work that you do.”    —Dianne Workman, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital 


“Whenever you give, you give from the heart just as the Lord has told us to do…You give without asking for any return, but the Lord above sees it and blesses you, too.  Thank you again for a great program–everyone enjoyed it.”  —Karen


Dear Kim, thank you so much for spending your time to share your life lessons.  You are truly an inspiration to everyone you speak to.  You, your (service) dogs, and your work will be in my prayers.”   –Mrs. D


“Kimberly’s character can be explained by her unyielding persistence. She has braved harrowing experiences that left her with a stronger faith and clearer sense of self. Many of Kimberly’s writings and presentations share about her personal journey that touches your heart and inspires you to achieve your best in life. The dynamic style she infuses into her writings and speaking engagements is the same she brings to her everyday life. It is a great pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to hear about Kimberly’s life stories and the lessons she has learned. I would encourage everyone to listen to the message that Kimberly brings to life through her words.” —Dr. Andrew DeSaro